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> The Western Psychological profession as a whole seems to be very out of
> touch. They still cling to clearly outdated modes from Freud, while physical
> medicine seems to be moving forward in its models.

Actually you maybe confusing psychology and psychoanalysis (the actual field of Freud, Jung...)
Scientific psychology hardly relies on Freudian theories anymore, or on any other author in that field. Psychology has absorbed a few concepts from psychoanalysis, but mostly altered them ib doing so. 
As an example, the idea of the subconscious as Freud meant it was completely left behind, and leaving the subconscious behind means leaving LOTS of stuffs behind. 
However, psychiatry (which is not to be confused with psycholgy either) still relies a lot on psychoanalytic concepts (at least in Europe), especially about neuroses. But as time passes, neurosciences are counterbalancing it.

These past three years I've been studying psychology in a european university. Indeed I had a few courses about psychoanalysis, but these were clearly distinct courses, not mixed with the others. And whenever I was told about the psychoanalytic point of view on something in other courses (say, usual example, about the role of dreams), I was cautiously reminded that it was one theory among others, and not the most favored one at all. Moreover, most of the time I was also exposed to neuropsychological alternatives getting much more consensus among the academical and clinical staff there.

No clearly, psychoanalytic memes are slowly disappearing from the psychological field. Neurosciences are blowing it away. 

(I apologize for the poor English.)

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 Is this my subjective
> interpretation, or are any of you able to access information that would
> confirm and/or deny this feeling.
> Is there some benefit to Western Psychology in clinging to the ideas of
> Freud and Jung? Are other models too flawed to take their places?
> ~Ballard
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