[ExI] POST-SCARCITY SYMBOLS Launched (defeat despair, create utopia, share hope).

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Thu Sep 9 22:41:02 UTC 2010

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>>"I can imagine plenty of reasons why some parts of humanity would
intentionally create scarcity, such as reasoning that if the
proletariat have plenty of everything, they will fail to pray to

>Dear Spike (Gregory Jones) you make a good point. There are people who
may object to post-scarcity, which is one of the reasons why I am
attempting to inspire people into believing in the possibilities the
future holds. If enough people believe in utopia, it will happen...

Hi John,
I have been having some fun pondering the endgame, after the singularity, uploading and so forth, we somehow create an MBrain, converting all the available material other than hydrogen and helium in the solar system into sentient systems of some sort, most likely tiny orbiting nodes of matter, collecting and using nearly all the available energy from the sun.  Then we live in peace and plenty, circling and circling the sun, thinking, loving and simulating, ja?

Or not.  It occurred to me that all those reptilian brain processes that evolved would still have many of the same reasons for evolving again.  Those tiny nodes simulating human or posthuman thought patterns would not necessarily be the utopian peace-loving particles I have always envisioned.  We might fight over the one thing we have no more of: metals, upon which to create thought-substrates.  We might compete, destructively.  We might participate in negative sum competition.
I have come to doubt the notion that we are nearly finished with the economics of scarcity in our current form, and may not be completely finished with it even after uploading.
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