[ExI] Privacy vs the future

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Thu Sep 9 23:47:10 UTC 2010

"Yeah.  At first I thought it was thematic as loss of privacy can lead to a
total police state.  But perhaps not.
- s"

More ironic than thematic. But if I thought changing my name to "FBI (or
CIA) agent" would keep ID thieves and hackers at bay, the name would be
changed. My message to you, Samantha: we can now see the number of
responsible people is low enough to the point trusting people with liberty
is almost as difficult as trusting them with power. They'll screw it up time
after time, often making the same mistakes over & over. Most of all, IMO, it
is shocking how dumbed down education has become-- education in the total
sense of learning both formal and informal. Look at how immature politics is
becoming, Kuran burning politics; WTC mosque-building politics. Something
out of a high school parody magazine-- a low-rent version of the Lampoon or
the Onion. Or a bad film such as Porky's Revenge.
I'm ashamed to be human; if only we could skip h+, to go straight to
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