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Hi, Giovanni Santostasi and  Keith Henson.

Regarding the issue of the President being Black, or actually Mixed Race, I was 
trying to illustrate how humans do initially have very primitive and backward 
views but over time we evolve culturally into a wiser more open-minded state. 
Eventually over time we can see greater possibilities than our initial narrow 

Humans have exhibited exceptionally primitive worldviews throughout history 
therefore it is perhaps understandable that some humans currently find it 
difficult to grasp the concept of how utopia is possible, and how there are 
infinite possibilities in the Post-Scarcity world that will arrive by the year 

Giovanni, you mention the sex of the President. It is pertinent to mention the 
great UK cultural shift when Margret Thatcher became the first female UK Prime 
Minister. At one time in recent UK history women in the UK did not have the 
right to vote. Humans have been VERY backward and we have not yet shaken off our 
backward thinking. Cultural changes regarding human thinking will now begin 
happening quicker, we are approaching utopia where Post-Scarcity, hope, and 
infinite wisdom are possible within universes of immense order. The 
possibilities are infinite.

Humans have been exceedingly benighted. We have not fully shed our ignorant 
origins. I make reference to the stupidity of humans because I wanted to 
highlight how our limited brains are obsessed with trivial matters; we often 
fail to see the infinite grandeur of the future. We will evolve from dogs to 
gods. Humans currently resemble dogs comparative to the gods we will become. Our 
powers and wisdom will become infinitely supreme. Matter will not be limited. 
Universes will be limitless. There will be no scarcity.  

The backward nature of the limited human mind obstructs comprehension of utopia. 
I was trying to highlight how out backwardness is being transcended. We now 
believe the Sun is the center of our Solar System not the Earth and astronomers 
are no longer persecuted by the Church. Soon people will believe utopia is very 
possible, inevitable.

People of Mixed Race can study at Harvard and become the President. It shocking 
to realize that interracial marriage in the United States only become legal in 
all U.S. states in 1967.


We create reality. We can easily create utopia. Despite some people not 
believing utopia is possible I assure you it is possible and it will happen.

Just remember the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and whatever you do think think 
about him. 



You can control your dreams. You can dream of whatever you want to. You can 
dream of utopia and your dreams can become real. To be or not to be, that is the 

Singularity Utopia

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