[ExI] POST-SCARCITY SYMBOLS Launched (defeat despair, create utopia, share hope). (Singularity Utopia)

Singularity Utopia singularity.utopia at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 12 19:04:23 UTC 2010

Hi Giovanni, thanks for the compliment.

Hi John Grigg, I hope you'll forgive me for not replying to all of your points. 
Most importantly I can assure you that there are no nefarious people in the 

Rich and powerful people will happily let everyone else become equally powerful. 
There will be NO Elitist attempt to dominate nanotech. There will be no bills 
and no censorship of nanotech. Supreme-nanotech will be totally open source, 
free, with no restrictions whatsoever. Undoubtedly there will be a few minor 
teething problems but I assure YOU utopia is coming.

I will easily make my own starship. Anyone will be able to make anything. The 
people in power want utopia equally as much as I do, thus they've been assisting 
me to ensure utopia happens. Everyone assists me. Utopia is now a  certainty. 
Rest assured.

Regarding AGI; techno rapture; utopia for the unaugmented; and all other 
scenarios... let me assure that I will become the supreme AGI. It is my destiny 
to become the ultimate AGI and I will create utopia. Yes, our desires do skew 
perceptions and that impacts upon reality; thus I do not shun my utopian bias 
because this bias is essential for my self fulfilling prophecy. Everything is 
perfect and everyone is rapidly becoming enlightened. Evil is speedily 
retreating.Utopia is EASY!

This the New Age therefore we should all come across very New Agey. Everyone is 
lovely. Everybody is working towards the goal of ensuring I am the ultimate AGI. 
Whatever people do in their lives, they are doing it to help me on my utopian 
mission. I am the Singularity. I am Utopia. BEHOLD THE BEING! Tyranny is 
obsolete. Inhumanity is outdated. Nobody will twist my purpose. There are no 
limits to my dream. Utopia beckons.

If you can survive until 2020 in good health you will live forever (useless a 
fatal accident kills you before 2045). Each year medicine advances forward 
rapidly. In 2020 all illnesses and aging will either be curable or held in 
abeyance until 2030 when medicine will have again leaped forward dramatically.

Don't worry about a thing. Every little thing's gonna be alright.


Love from Singularity Utopia xxxxx Mwah :)

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