[ExI] POST-SCARCITY SYMBOLS Launched (defeat despair, create utopia, share hope). (Singularity Utopia)

Gregory Jones spike66 at att.net
Sun Sep 12 23:46:54 UTC 2010

--- On Sun, 9/12/10, John Grigg <possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com> wrote:

>> ...I will easily make my own starship. Anyone will be able to
make anything...If you can survive until 2020 in good health you will
live forever ... Don't worry about a thing. Every little thing's gonna
be alright... I AM THE ONE!... Love from Singularity Utopia xxxxx Mwah :)
> I can only hope this is a big joke and this will turn out
> to be Charles Platt or another funster...  I really liked
> what he had to say up until this point... John

John, he tossed the bait, you took it, he gotcha.  Fortunately, me lad, I know you have a good sense of humor.


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