[ExI] POST-SCARCITY SYMBOLS Launched (defeat despair, create utopia, share hope).

Singularity Utopia singularity.utopia at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 13 13:28:52 UTC 2010

This is not a prank. I am not anybody you know, and I value my privacy. I am 
very serious.

I'm an expert various related fields but my research is highly classified, which 
is a shame because if I could explain all the details you'd be utterly 
convinced. My research will be declassified by 2020 at the latest and then you 
will see how utopia is inevitable.

Regarding accusations of mental instability I will respond by pointing out how 
the Singularity is a crazy dream, which will become real. Dreams are wild and 
fantastic things. People shouldn't be afraid to dream. I find some people tend 
to be uptight and pessimistic in transhuman/singularity fields therefore I was 
attempting to inject some wildly passionate optimism to counter your pessimism.

Here is a web-page inspired by this chat-list: 



Singularity Utopia

PS. Remember to share my PS symbols.

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