[ExI] time travelling ai

spike spike66 at att.net
Tue Sep 14 21:37:46 UTC 2010

>...then the paradox of interstellar silence is explained by
post-singularity AI in our lightcone turns within and winks out...

Ja this is one way to look at it.  I have been working on a slight variation
of that theory.  Introduction: there is some fundamental insight that humans
lack, some basic notion or intuition or technology which is completely
absent within the entire thoughtspace of humanity, now and forever.  This
lack would prevent us from ever getting to the singularity, however all is
not lost.  A post singularity AI would be so clever as to be capable of
comprehending that blinding insight needed to bring about the singularity,
and also to master another notion which has entirely defeated humans: time

So my theory: a post singularity AI time-travels back to somewhen in our
future and informs humans on how to create a singularity.  A singularity
results.  An AI comes into being, which then realizes that humanity is
technologically incapable of bringing about a singularity.  So it invents
time travel and goes back to somewhen before the singularity to tell the
humans how to create the singularity, so that the AI can come into being, so
it can go back and tell the humans how to create the singularity.  And so



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