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Brent Allsop brent.allsop at canonizer.com
Wed Sep 15 01:36:07 UTC 2010


Wait a minute.  So this is like the watch in time after time.  The watch 
given, by the future time traveler(ai?), to the person in the past 
(us?), so that they can give it to the future time traveler, in the 
future?  So, like the watch, where does the ability to do this 
impossible for humanity task come from in the first place?  And how 
could it possibly be that there is some Basic notion which is completely 
[impossible?] for humans but possible for AIs?

And / or, if it is possible for humans to boot up with the first AI, and 
this AI is then able to do this impossible for humans, thing (wait a 
minute, if humans can create the AI, which can do it, why are you saying 
humans can't do it?)  And if this is possible or what you are thinking 
of, why is time travel added into the thinking?  Or is it just to make 
things more absurd and ridiculous?

Time travel alone is absurd to think about, this just seems to make it 
all the more absurd, for what?  I must be missing something with all this?


On 9/14/2010 3:37 PM, spike wrote:
>> ...then the paradox of interstellar silence is explained by
> post-singularity AI in our lightcone turns within and winks out...
> Ja this is one way to look at it.  I have been working on a slight variation
> of that theory.  Introduction: there is some fundamental insight that humans
> lack, some basic notion or intuition or technology which is completely
> absent within the entire thoughtspace of humanity, now and forever.  This
> lack would prevent us from ever getting to the singularity, however all is
> not lost.  A post singularity AI would be so clever as to be capable of
> comprehending that blinding insight needed to bring about the singularity,
> and also to master another notion which has entirely defeated humans: time
> travel.
> So my theory: a post singularity AI time-travels back to somewhen in our
> future and informs humans on how to create a singularity.  A singularity
> results.  An AI comes into being, which then realizes that humanity is
> technologically incapable of bringing about a singularity.  So it invents
> time travel and goes back to somewhen before the singularity to tell the
> humans how to create the singularity, so that the AI can come into being, so
> it can go back and tell the humans how to create the singularity.  And so
> on.
> spike
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