[ExI] samantha vs singularity debate

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But if the benevolent AI had infinite power, why would there be need for 
developmental states? Wouldn't it always and everywhere be nirvana? Of course, 
you could argue for a Power guiding humanity now, but a Power would still be 



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This could tie in with the memes thread. Mankind would need to be at a 
developemental state in which it would except the guidence of the AI. Perhaps 
the social catalyst was the wars?
Do you not feel that mankind is being memetically guided toward something?
I do and it would appear that it has been going on for quite a long time. Some 
say NWO, others the reds. Why not a post singularity AI?


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 Watching the interchange between Singulary Utopia and Samantha reminds me of  
Douglas Hofstadters Eternal Golden Braid struggle between Achilles and Mr.  
Tortoise.  Singularity Utopia has confidently proposed that we will have  
infinite this and that, do the impossible, etc. (no need for me to elaborate,  
you get the picture).    Clearly the paradox I mentioned a few days ago cannot 
be avoided in that model.   A post singularity infinite AI would master time 
travel, go back in time to  before the horrifying wars of the 20th century (and 
every other century for that  matter), explain to the people living then how to 
bring about the singularity,  which causes the singularity to happen sooner, 
sparing all that unnecessary  suffering.  If that can happen, why didn't it?  Or 
did it and we just don't know we are post  singularity sims?  If so, all our 
simulated suffering is intentional (or at  least voluntary) on the part of some 
super AI, in which case the post  singularity AI is at least partly evil, which 
breaks SU's model.    I don't know if my own sorrow and joy are real, but it 
sure feels real from  inside here.  >From a third party observer: Samantha wins 
this round.  There are some  impossible things which apparently will stay 
impossible.  spike _______________________________________________ extropy-chat 
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