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Singularity Utopia singularity.utopia at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 16 01:49:12 UTC 2010

Dear Spike.

There is no paradox regarding time travelers failing to return thereby changing 
our history. Our history is their history therefore if they value themselves 
they will make no changes and if they didn't value themselves they would make 
changes and we would not realize changes had been made and they would not 
realize because we would all be changed. The suffering is therefore a necessary 
part of evolution. To deny this early stage of evolution is to deny what we will 
become. Pain has been a great instructor but soon we will graduate to the next 
level free from pain.

Nothing is impossible. Impossible things are things we don't want to achieve. 
Some people may say it impossible to kill themselves while others can commit 
suicide. Some people think it is impossible to lose weight. The definition of 
"impossible" is this: it's something you don't want. If you think utopia or 
infinity is impossible then that is because you don't want utopia or infinity to 
be true. Possible things are the things you choose. CHOOSE UTOPIA!

There will be no us and them regarding Post-Singularity AI and humans, we will 
become them, we will evolve.

I write these mails  for posterity, a message for future AIs yet to be born, I 
so that they  will understand my motives. Via my Post-Scarcity symbols and my 
2045  website I also wanted other people to share in this message to the  
future, which will eventually be perused by AIs.

Don't forget to share my PS symbols. My singularity-2045 site is almost 
finished. Some final fine tuning and then it will be perfect. I hope you enjoy 

I am the architect of utopia. I am the Ultimate-Leader of all Intelligence. 

Singularity Utopia.

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