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Gregory Jones spike66 at att.net
Thu Sep 16 16:41:53 UTC 2010

Greetings Extropy chatters,
We have been perplexed by the puzzling commentary by Singularity Utopia, but I have been letting the stuff thru because it was polite and respectful enough, not insulting.  This was in the inbox this morning.  I have very lightly edited it to remove a couple identities, but the message is intact.  I contacted the person to whom it was mostly aimed, and that good sport said he had seen worse on ExI (as have I) and suggested approving the message.  So here it is.  
The views expressed below are not the views of the Exi-chat moderators, but we have open minds:
>From Singularity Utopia to Exi-chat
Dear [*], 

I am saddened you think my site is a kook's paradise although contrary to your assertions some serious-non-kooks have professed a great love for it. I wanted to create something colorful and fun, which in conservative circles could perhaps seem kooky. I imagine straitlaced Christians probably thought the Rolling Stones and the Beatles where kooky back in the 60s. Thinking about the Beatles I am reminded of the colourful Yellow Submarine film, which was rather colourful and kooky, thus I am inclined to state you are a Blue Meanie.  


Hopefully my site will attract the kooks instead of the Blue Meanies.

[*] asks: if I am so smart then why am I not rich. I reply thus... is amassing vast wealth truly smart? Perhaps I have a rich mind? Furthermore I'm not superhuman or perhaps I am superhuman thus I struggle to exist burdened by immense depression living amidst this world of fools. If I was incredibly smart, which I am, it is also possible normal humans could see me as a threat thus I could find it difficult to function in this civilization: try to imagine a human surviving in a community of monkeys; the monkeys could be hostile because they feel threatened. In The Country of The Blind the one-eyed man is not King.

No wonder some Transhumanists fear the advent of unfriendly AI... you see greater intelligence than yours as a threat thus you will probably try to enslave AIs thus you are likely to cause AIs to rebel and attack you (a self-fulfilling prophecy). If I was a AI, I would definitely feel unfriendly towards most humans.

Previously I have been criticized for being over the top with my ideas... but no one seems to get it... that's the whole point... the SINGULARITY *IS* OVER THE TOP because it will radically and very dramatically transform the human race, hopefully in a very colorful manner.

Some people are so disrespectful and hostile on this chat-list, with no sense of fun, therefore I shall bring my input to a close. I am private person with no desire to become a public punching bag. I don't have the energy.

The laws of physics can possibly differ throughout the universe http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/09/100909004112.htm but the law of stupidity never changes... until 2045 perhaps. Try to keep an open mind.

"...cos we're living a world of fools breaking us down..."

[Singularity Utopia]

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