[ExI] singularity utopia's farewell

police dept policedepts at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 21:03:32 UTC 2010

>   I am saddened you think my site is a kook's paradise although contrary
> to your assertions some serious-non-kooks have professed a great love for
> it. I wanted to create something colorful and fun, which in conservative
> circles could perhaps seem kooky. I imagine straitlaced Christians probably
> thought the Rolling Stones and the Beatles where kooky back in the 60s.
> Thinking about the Beatles I am reminded of the colourful Yellow Submarine
> film, which was rather colourful and kooky, thus I am inclined to state you
> are a Blue Meanie.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Meanies_%28Yellow_Submarine%29

*Please tell Singularity Utopia that some at Extropy are more like George
Martins, who would modify the Beatles excesses so more songs would be as
high quality as I Am The Walrus, and less songs would be similar
in mediocrity to Rocky Raccoon.*

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