[ExI] A dispassionate examination of being an upload.

Alan Grimes agrimes at speakeasy.net
Mon Sep 20 04:08:15 UTC 2010

> 2010/9/19 Alan Grimes <agrimes at speakeasy.net>:

>> Therefore it necessarily follows that if you then replace all the atoms
>> at once with a completely different substance that bares no resemblance
>> (never mind temporal or spatial connection) to the original in either
>> outward appearance or the mechanism of its operation, it can not be
>> anything other than the exact same person!!! =PPP

> What exactly are you saying here?

It was a reducto-ad-absurdum of the process of destructive brain uploading.

> 1. If the atoms are replaced by identical ones, is that OK?
> 2. If the atoms are replaced gradually, but not all at once, is that OK?
> 3. If the atoms are replaced with functional equivalents - for
> example, if the calcium ion channels are replaced with tiny mechanical
> devices operated by magnetic fields - is that OK?
> 4. If you don't believe the above replacement processes are OK would
> you experience a gradual mental change corresponding to the physical
> change, and if so how is that possible given that observable
> (including self-observable) neurological function would be the same?

I don't think it's meaningful to try to respond to little one-liners
such as that. If you have a proposal for upgrading my brain (or any
other part of me) go ahead and post it to the list in the form of a 20
page essay that covers how it would work, how it would be accomplished,
and what benefits it would yield. Spending time trying to evaluate such
contrived examples would probably be a waste.

Powers are not rights.

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