[ExI] singularity utopia's addendum to a final post

spike spike66 at att.net
Mon Sep 20 14:53:07 UTC 2010

Singularity Utopia contacted me offlist, asking me to forward his or her
addendum to the list.  I guess I don't see the harm in that.  

Here ya go:

Someone emailed me recently regarding my posting to the extropy list; they
said they enjoyed my comments and I need not have left but they also said:
"I hope you will continue evangelize for post-scarcity minus the
narcissism/messiah complex."

I feel everyone has missed the point regarding the Singularity. A messiah
complex, or greatly inflated ego, is not out of place because the
Singularity is EXTREMELY empowering. The Singularity will make humans become
very powerful. We will become gods or greater than gods. The human race will
radically and irrevocably transform therefore having a so-called messiah
complex is more than justified becuase we will be greater than any human
messiah. Technology in the future will allow us to perform feats that seem
utterly miraculous: post-human, superhuman.

I created the following web-page in response to some of the views on the

You have my permission to re-post this email to the extropy list.


Singularity Utopia
The Colourful Future Circa 2045 

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