[ExI] papal paradox

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Wed Sep 22 00:43:26 UTC 2010

	Subject: Re: [ExI] papal paradox
	On Sep 20, 2010, at 12:47 AM, John Grigg wrote:

		>>...proven to protect pedophiles over and over again (and
on a global
		scale!) and yet still be walking around a free man!...

	>...the 2 top officials at the Vatican Bank were arrested by Italian
authorities for money laundering...  John K Clark  

And in America, constitutional experts are pondering a deep question: is it
protected speech under the first amendment to our constitution to burn a

Such a difficult question is this?  What in the goddam hell has happened
here in this once free country with a written and signed constitution with
explicitly defined rights, when we need our legal experts to ponder if it is
illegal to burn a book?  

Well, some yahoo did it in Michigan, left the half burned koran on the
doorstep of the local mosque.  The East Lansing constabulary offered a ten
thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of the perp.
The question that first springs to mind is with what will he or she be
charged?  Littering?  Interfering with a religion?  Blasphemy?

Have we gone mad?


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