[ExI] help please, from you creative types

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Wed Sep 22 23:24:30 UTC 2010


> ...On Behalf Of PJ Manney
> The date-stamp proved that on THAT DAY, the material existed 
> in your possession, since the US Postal Service is considered 
> inviolable...
> PJ

Ja that is probably the simplest of all: take the photos, print hard copy,
put them in an envelope sealed with lotsa slobber, sign across the flap and
doodle around the stamp, so that the postmark will be over the ink marks.

Theoretically one could send oneself an empty envelope, after getting it
back, could later put photos in it and seal it, but for the standards of
evidence needed in this case, a sealed postmarked envelope would probably be
good enough.

I had an idea.  On this particular ranch, there was when my folks bought an
unidentified piece of antique farming equipment, all metal, parked next an
oak tree.  It may have dated from the 1920s or so.  It predated internal
combustion, and had devices that look like something one might attach some
manner of beast, an ox or an ass perhaps?  A horse?  Mule?

The oak tree had grown around it, enveloped part of it.  We called a local
antiques collector and offered it to him, but with the understanding that he
not cut down or harm that old oak tree.  So he brought a metal saw and cut
off the piece that was enveloped by the tree, where it remains to this day,
and took the rest.  

That piece of metal accumulates rust every year.  I could take a photo of
the work with that piece of metal in the foreground every year, to show rust
accumulating, since that process is one way.  Not very high resolution



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