[ExI] U.S. deeply imperiled due to it's massive debt

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> > What real hope is there for the United States, due to our crushing
> > national deficit (our fault) and our growing dependence on China to
> > buy up that debt?  Are we really an empire in full decline?  Or do we
> > just face a very painful 5-10 year economic downturn, that we can
> > overcome if as a nation we learn to "live within a budget" and also
> > keep Wall Street & corporate America in check. LOL!  I guess we are
> > screwed...  This video really disturbed me.
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> ### Why would you want to keep corporate America in check? To make things 

What or who is corporate America? Multinational corporations have no 
nationality, citizenship, or sense of civic duty. They are simply sociopolitical 
machines designed play national governments against one another whilst funneling 
the wealth of nations into the hands of a few. They lobby for legislation 
in whatever country they want that benefits themselves at the expense of the 
country as a whole. The weakness of western-style democracy is that lobbying is 
cheaper than paying taxes and far more influential than voting. So if government 
of the people, by the people, for the people were to perish from the earth, it 
would probably be their doing.  

Stuart LaForge
"Old men read the lesson in the setting sun.
Beat the cymbal and sing in this life, or wail away the hours fearing death.
Their choice is their fortune." - I Ching ?


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