[ExI] A suicide note

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 I have only just started to wade in. I can already see that a few will follow and we will soon see 'Heismanists' on the news.




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The last section is particularly good with tons of quotables, here are
a few I found good:

"If reason cannot determine fundamental values, then reason can be used to
                 justify literally anything."
"This is “happiness”, the great goal of humanity has been striving for: a
                 particular configuration of biochemical reactions.
Why, not, then, drug one’s
                 self into a state of “happiness”?"
"The process of disillusionment can also be disillusioned and de-
"How far is one willing to lie to one’s self in the belief of the
goodness of the truth when science has conquered the non-scientific
behaviors that motivate science?"

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