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 Thanks Damien, but I think i'll steer clear of that for now. Im bleak and pesimistic enough ;o)

So far reading this is like someone has transcribed my own musings over the years. The section on the speed of AI God reminds me of a series of emails between myself and Lee Corbin regarding my view that the very first Upload might be the very last. And as per Gore Vidal, I haven't chosen the same route as the author.

Wading on. (I hate dyslexia!)




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> I have only just started to wade in. I can already see that a few will 
> follow and we will soon see '*Heismanists*' on the news. 
Gore Vidal wrote a rather good bleak novel on this topic, MESSIAH, back in, um, 1954. On the other hand, he didn't kill himself. 
Damien Broderick 
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