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> note on the Singularity, Judaeism, and Nihilisim, apparently carrying 
> out his act as the final test of his philosophy...
> On pages 1688, 1690, 1693-1698 there's an interesting 
> critique of James Hughes' thesis. - Bryan

Here's one Bryan might be able to answer.  This evening I was having a
discussion with a 17 yr old girl I tutor in physics and calculus.  She made
a comment about her sister's boyfriend, who is about 20, having the notion
of technological immortality.  I asked about her awareness of the
singularity.  She didn't in those terms, but I was surprised that both she
and her sister had at least a vague notion of cryonics and future
technological innovations which would lead to indefinite human lifespans.

I was surprised that this had gone as mainstream as it appears.  So now the
question for Bryan and the other younger set: is there in your opinion a
general awareness of the singularity, uploading, technological lifespan
extension etc in the current teenage and twenty something crowd?


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