[ExI] san jose tech museum's take on the singularity

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Mon Sep 27 20:21:03 UTC 2010


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	Subject: Re: [ExI] san jose tech museum's take on the singularity

	>...I can't believe you are putting the field of "art" in the same
email message as the paint and number crafts of "Michael's".  That in and of
itself ought to cause a tsunami singularity! Now I have to go wash my mouth
out with soap and sterilize my typing fingers...N
Oops.  {8-]

Natasha I somehow get the vague notion that you do not care for Michaels as
a purveyor of fine art supplies?  


Oh well, hey I am a hardcore nerd, never claimed to be artist, nor have
particular skill in the field of... (what is that word you use Natasha?) oh,
yes, aesthetics.  In my home I have not only a mounted periodic chart and a
portrait of Feynman, but also a chart of the timeline of evolution.  Those
items might violate many of the traditional artistic notions of home décor.
But I don't care, I like it anyways.  My pad decorated in a sort of a cross
between redneck and rocket science.  Redtech?  Nerdneck?  Geekabilly?



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