[ExI] Function of religions

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Mon Sep 27 23:01:47 UTC 2010

2010/9/27 spike <spike66 at att.net>

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> Religion allows abstraction of personal memes into giant, supra-human,
> replicating beasts of causal tentacles, emergent tooth and nail.
> So we become the cells of our own gods, and by focusing on that image we
> even create it...and the deities of our dreams duke it out on the world
> stage.
> WOW!  Poetic insight, profound, right to the point.  Is it original?  That
> comment is almost worthy of being framed and hung on the wall.  Thanks Will!
> spike

Thanks, Spike.  That would be a Will Steinberg original, feel free to
disseminate.  And if you ever want to talk about cutting-edge
theo-sciencio-philo-sophic esoterica...you know my email.

Also, is anyone here located in Chicago?
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