[ExI] Atheists and agnostics know more about religion thatbelievers, study shows

spike spike66 at att.net
Tue Sep 28 20:31:08 UTC 2010

Spike wrote: 

>>"I was 10 for 10, and I am a flaming atheist... 

>10 for 10 here too. More of an agnostic, but findings still valid. The
friend who sent this to me said the same thing as you, Spike. In almost
identical words. Great minds . . . are atheistic. Darren 
You are too kind sir.  Nowthen, a question for you, since you are up to
speed on religion and for the rest of you religion hipsters:
*What is the best refutation of religion you have ever seen, heard or read?
It can be a book or anything you want, a lecture by Dawkins, even the
ExI-chat archives.  Before I present my answer, I will offer the second
best, and one that Max More might suggest: Bertrand Russell's Why I am Not a
But I have in mind one that is better still than that devastating volume,
which I will share once I see some of your answers.
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