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So a US keyboard doesn't have a £ sign then.  What do you have for Shift+3 instead? ....wait is it a 'Greatest country in the world!!!!!' key? or perhaps a Mc'key? I notice I still have the almighty $ on my keyboard.

I still don't get the # = pound? Its a hash, always has been, always will be and I had never heard any different until about 6 months ago. Or maybe I and possibly the whole of the UK has shifted m-verses again? What else is different? Is Lindsay Lohan still a bible bashing square? (Pah! you might have to go through a few parallel dimensions to find that version of her)




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What is it with people using # (Hash) and saying pound?  There is a perfectly good £ (pound) sign on the keyboard.

Not on my keyboard there isn't, and not on most keyboards I've seen.  (I'm in Silicon
Valley, so I suspect this isn't just due to local specialized keyboards.)

Also, # is used for "pound" in the weight (as opposed to monetary) sense.

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