[ExI] #Pound

Ben Zaiboc bbenzai at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 29 11:49:16 UTC 2010

ablainey at aol.com moaned:
> What is it with people using # (Hash) and saying
> pound?  There is a perfectly good ? (pound) sign on the
> keyboard.
>  ? being the British Pound sterling, or one pound of
> sterling silver as it used to be. The ? symbol is just a
> stylised Lb (Pound).
> I have a key dedicated to a 'wavy window' symbol but can't
> find a spiky leaf key anywhere. So surely techno hippies
> would be very happy to have a (Hash) symbol?!
> I can only conclude this is part of the newspeak and a NWO
> effort to make people forget our currency was once something
> more than worthless fiat paper. Having historically been
> backed by precious metal.
> ;o)

Yes, well, it's an American thing, innit?

Along with the confusion between exhaustion and rubber wheel-rims, buttocks and donkeys, refusal to use 'ph', ignorance of 'oe' and 'ae', and, well, loads of other daft things that Mr Webster (damn his eyes) is probably responsible for, you get used to it and just roll your eyes and carry on.

On the plus side, you can think of # as representing a pound of hash!

For the record, I agree, # is a hash sign, £ is a pound sterling (which probably will show as a ? on most people's screens) and Lb is pounds weight (avoirdupoir).

Ben Zaiboc


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