[ExI] Atheists and agnostics know more about religion thatbelievers, study shows

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 06:48:12 UTC 2010

Spike wrote:
Sometimes I wish we lived in a world where the God debate did not take
place at all, where public discussion of such would be as quaint (and
about as charming) and medieval jousting. There is enough corporeal
investigation to keep us occupied for eternity. Questions will be
answered as we all go along, folks. Why waste our time by dragging a
creator into it? .

Alas, I'm being ridiculously naive.  It's a rationalist's Wonderland
I'm dreaming of.

Yes, you can be a tad naive about the nature of people and religion.
: )  This weekend I will be visiting a believer's wonderland in a
place called "Salt Lake City."  Though Mormon, I have never before
done the pilgrimage to what is known as "General Conference."

But the event that actually draws me to SLC is...

The Mormon Transhumanist Association's Spirituality and Transhumanism


I look forward to saying hello to Max, Natasha, Dr. J, Brent, Lincoln,
David, and a bunch of other friends!!  We have an incredible list of
speakers and I am excited!

John  : )

On 9/29/10, Dan <dan_ust at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Same here regarding Smith's book. I believe, too, he wrote that when he was
> in
> his early 20s. Also, IIRC, he doesn't have a high school diploma or degree.
> Quite an achievement for one lacking traditional credentials, no?
> Regards,
> Dan
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>> *What is the best refutation of religion you have ever seen, heard or
>> read?
>> It can be a book or anything you want, a lecture by Dawkins, even the
>> ExI-chat
>>archives.  Before I present my answer, I will offer the second best, and
>> one
>>that Max More might suggest: Bertrand Russell's Why I am Not a Christian.
> No, I wouldn't suggest that one. I really don't remember it well from 30
> years
> ago, but think it *was* excellent -- but still not the *one* I would choose.
> For a philosophical book that would be too difficult for the general public,
> I
> would pick J.L. Mackie's The Miracle of Theism.
> I haven't read any of the recent popular books by Hitchens, Dawkins, etc. so
> I
> can't choose from among them.
> I still have a soft spot for the philosophical and moral critique in George
> Smith's Atheism: The Case Against God.
> Max
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