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> We (humanity) can spend $1T/yr to kill/destroy/blow up each other, but we
> can't spend 10% of our 'death fund' to alleviate the issues we're fighting
> for?  Penny-wise/Pound-foolish.
> This implies you understand what we (humanity) are fighting for.  Do you?
> Explain please.

Energy.  Whether it be in the form of fuel in our tanks, or food in our
stomach.  It's all about energy.  Always has been.  Before OIL it was COAL.
 Before COAL it was WOOD.
If the brilliant minds humanity has at it's disposal, spent less brain
cycles devoted to destroying/controlling one another, and instead focused on
freeing ourselves...we'd be much better off imho.
It's silly, we spend $400B plus a year importing oil, yet $100B investment
in renewable/sustainable energy is unheard of?

It's a matter of mindset.  Like being pro-peace, not anti-war.  Move towards
things, don't run away from them.
Hell, the USoA has spent what...$2-3T on Iraq/Afghanistan, for what..global
oil production?  Imagine what $2-3T would have accomplished had it went to
R&D in the energy sector.
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