[ExI] "Wolfpack" (Transhumanist media intervention team)

Amon Zero amon at doctrinezero.com
Fri Apr 8 13:06:38 UTC 2011

Hi All -

I hope this post is appropriate here.

Over a year ago, it was pointed out on the ExtroBritannia (H+UK) list that a
good way to influence public opinion (or at least perceived public opinion)
in favour of transhumanism is to comment on online articles - particularly
in major mainstream publications - and to follow up those comments where
conversations are sparked. The idea is that it doesn't take many such
comments for newspaper editors and the like to realise that there is an
audience with and for pro-tech opinions, which subsequently seems to
influence editorial decisions on which articles to print. Most importantly,
in order to be effective such comments must be intelligent, friendly, and

Some of us on ExtroB briefly discussed the possibility of setting up an H+UK
"media intervention team", pooling resources in order to make such
interventions most effective. Anders Sandberg even suggested using the
colourful name "Wolfpack" for the team.

At the time, the idea went no further. As part of my new Zero
State<http://zerostate.net> project,
however, I've set up a wiki page for the Wolfpack, as originally discussed.
The plan is to create a new entry under that page documenting each media
intervention, with a few brief notes on any feedback. When anyone is
planning a new comment or article in any publication, they can check the
list for any previous interventions which may yield useful material, which
you may freely use as you see fit.


This is a Google Sites wiki, closed to the public, so you must request
permission to access it.

Regardless of whether you're remotely interested in any other aspect of the
ZS project, I do hope you'll consider making at least one comment in favour
of transhumanism or technology on any media site, and using the Wolfpack
resource in order to make your effort most effective. If you document your
intervention - a simple cut'n'paste which takes a few seconds - then you
will also be helping those who follow in your footsteps.

Onward & Upward!

- Amon
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