[ExI] Racist foxes

Kelly Anderson kellycoinguy at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 19:25:08 UTC 2011

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 5:47 PM, Keith Henson <hkeithhenson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Can you think of an example where cultural failure was the cause of an
> empire failing?

Oh, I don't know... How about Rome. Or the disintegration of Greece at
the death of Alexander. The Jews in 70 AD (not submitting to
reasonable Roman rule). There are many other examples. Rome is by far
the best example. They did not run out of any resource other than

Or the USA over the past 25 years (granted, it hasn't completely fallen YET).

Yes, there are the cases of environmental overuse, like Easter Island,
Mayans, Mohenjo Daro, and so forth, but these cases are elevated in
the public mind by the environmental faction.


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