[ExI] Fuel efficient car for anywhere but America

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Sun Apr 10 16:11:20 UTC 2011

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Subject: Re: [ExI] Fuel efficient car for anywhere but America

2011/4/10 Alfio Puglisi wrote:
> ... What you call the "European" gallon is actually the UK gallon, which 
> is unknown to us continental southerners. Actually, most people don't 
> even know that some kind of gallon is used this side of the atlantic 
> pond :-)

Why O Evolution are we STILL suffering from the absurd English units?

>...Same applies to Kilos versus pounds weight. All hospitals weigh in kilos
and grams which is meaningless to the older generation...BillK

When my son was born almost five years ago, Stanford University recorded his
birth weight in kilos.  It came out to 3.999 grams.  I knew that a standard
sheet of paper is about 6 grams, so I quickly took a paper bill out of my
wallet and dropped it on the scale.  He went to 4.000 kilos.  He was born at
0024 on 6-24-06 at a weight of 4 kilos.


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