[ExI] Paleo diet and sustainability

Stefano Vaj stefano.vaj at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 15:36:57 UTC 2011

On 12 April 2011 19:50, Keith Henson <hkeithhenson at gmail.com> wrote:
> That is utter nonsense.  With really low cost energy you can make
> fresh water out of salt and pump it inland a thousand miles.

I am pretty much convinced myself that given a sufficient quantity of energy
(and of information one can do more or less anything at all.

What about reorganising the matter in the solar system into a Dyson sphere
around our star? Such solution would certainly sustain a much larger
population than six, or sixty, billion people for a rather long time,
including in the framework of very inefficient food-production choices.

Nevertheless, I think that J. Stanton may have a point as far as more
immediate scenarios are concerned.

Stefano Vaj
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