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Fri Apr 15 14:45:26 UTC 2011

Kurzweil's movie Transcendent Man was shown at a premier last night at the
SF Palace of Fine Arts.  I liked it!  Some minor complaints, but overall I
would rate it very good to low end of the excellent range, certainly worth
my time.  I saw a lot of familiar faces in the movie from years of hanging
out with that crowd.  One scene, Kurzweil is conversing with William
Shatner.  In the background of that scene was a person looking the other way
whose hair looked like Max More's.  Right at the end of that scene, Ray and
Bill look at the camera and Max turns facing the camera, between the other
two, perhaps 10 feet behind them.  Biggest complaint: why the hell didn't
they have interviews with Max?


There are several people who hang out at Eliezer's singularity events in
there, such as Ben Goertzel and others.  Ben is interviewed at length,
wearing his trademark black and white tiger hat.  What's up with that?


Summary of complaints: missing interviews or scenes with major players in
the field, too much of several minor players, too many references to
religion and Ray's father, no mention of cryonics, no sufficient explanation
of the modern version of uploading.


Good clean fun however.


More commentary later, on my way out.



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