[ExI] Meat and the paleo diet, again

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sat Apr 16 21:28:19 UTC 2011

Natasha wrote:
> For marketing purposes, "vat grown meat" does not sound or look tasty.  I
> don't remember the McRib because I would never eat such a thing.

Yes, "vat-grown meat" is not a good marketing slogan. :)))  But that's what it would
*be*, right?

The McRib - I only tried it once (must have been 20 years ago) - a waste of money,
even with the coupon!  It soon disappeared from the menu.  Maybe it has improved, it
was advertised again not long ago. Didn't bother testing it! ;) Don't go to McD's
any longer.


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