[ExI] Meat and the paleo diet, again

spike spike66 at att.net
Sun Apr 17 22:40:58 UTC 2011

>... On Behalf Of Natasha Vita-More

>...My aesthetics does not favor with CR at all. I love human bodies that
are svelte with muscles...

Tissue chauvinism.  The best I can do is being svelte with bones.  

> curves...

Hey we CR types have curves.  Sorta.  They have very small radii, but they
are still curves, by the strict mathematical definition.

>... and sex appeal...

Hmmm, well OK, I am definitely busted there.

>... The second part is that I do not want to or enjoy eating dead

Something I have wondered about, being a sushi lover: can it be arranged to
devour the beasts so fresh they are still alive?


>...It seems that there is a solution though. Rather than breeding and
killing animals, we should be harvesting meat that has the best health
benefits (and enough calories) for the bio-body. ...Natasha

Ja.  I am still hoping for figuring out how to create meat without the rest
of the beast.


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