[ExI] Carbohydrates and energy

Harvey Newstrom mail at HarveyNewstrom.com
Tue Apr 19 21:51:23 UTC 2011

Dave Sill wrote,
> No, I'm dead serious. You've come up with your own 'slow carb'
> diet based on your own research and experience, and I'm sure
> you think it's super awesome, but has that diet been subjected
> to long-term clinical trails? I don't think so.

Google the terms "glycemic index" and "glycemic load".  Some carbs are
simply slower to absorb than others.  I'm not making any of this stuff up by
myself.  This is standard nutritional science.  Nothing new here.  There has
been plenty of long-term clinical trials about the benefits of eating more
complex carbohydrates and less sugar.

> Can I ask what the heck that rant has to with my question?

I was describing the failings of the references you thought proved your
point.  I am glad that you recognized the content as "ranting".  But I am
waiting for you to realize that it was not "my" rant, but your own sources
that I was describing.

> > "More research required" = FUD. ...
> OK, cool. You clearly have an axe to grind. Knock yourself out, but I'm
not going to help you.

I did not mean the term "FUD" as an insult.  I meant it calmly and
literally.  The sources you referenced do not present evidence for their own
position.  Instead, they try to develop fear of the other side, uncertainty
about the other side, and doubt about the other side.  Literally, "FUD"
*against* a position, not evidence *for* a position.

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