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Tue Apr 19 23:03:18 UTC 2011

Giovanni wrote:

>>So what do you think about this stuff, is too good to be true? Is this all



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>...We could get some ordinary stable copper (63 and 65), in granular form,
flash plate it with nickel (nickel will electroplate directly onto a
chemically excited copper surface, I can show you how.) ... Oh wait.  Do you
suppose the undergrads thought of this trick, and slipped some nickel plated
copper into the lab (labeled pure nickel) when the professors weren't

Alternate scenario, to avoid looking like the whole Piltdown Man conspiracy

Member of sorority Pi Delta Pi leaves boyfriend, leader of jock frat Alpha
Betas, takes up with a geek from Lambda Lambda Lambda.  In revenge, the
Alpha Betas come over and beat the tri-lambs beyond recognition.  As they
bandage their wounds while studying for a physics test, a tri-lamb thinks of
a perfect nerd revenge and comments: Bwaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaa (sinisterly).
Plotting, scheming using their chemistry expertise, they flash plate the
copper with a few thousand angstroms of nickel, put it in the nickel
container, hoping to screw with the Alpha Betas in the lab the next day.  

But something goes terribly wrong, as something always does in these
scenarios: two physics professors get ahold of the fake nickel!  They do the
experiment, they unsuspectingly conclude an unknown proton absorption has
taken place, they plaster the results out there for the world to see,
unknowing!  The tri-Lambs panic and flee.  The professors are heading for
destruction, for no one, not even they, will be able to reproduce the
results once the nickel plated copper is used up.  The professors
reputations are ruined.  The tri-lambs are never seen again.  The girlfriend
from Pi Delta Pi is already sleeping with a Gamma Tau.  The jocks in Alpha
Beta struggle to master their multiplication tables.


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