[ExI] Gout and meat adaptations

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"spike" <spike66 at att.net> wrote,
> What do you think of my notion that human groups radiated long enough 
> ago that some (limited) digestive system adaptations ...
> spike

>...This is absolutely correct.  The best know example is, of course,
lactose intolerance.  Early Africans could not digest lactose, but the
European population quickly spread the ability to digest lactose...Harvey

Cool thanks Harvey.  One of these days I plan to get serious on studying
what the heck it is I am eating.  But not now, I have family emergencies
stacked high, plenty to last for the next few months if not 3 to 5 years.
When that all blows over I will still be young enough to repent of a
lifetime of intemperance, ignorance and outright disregard of reasonable
health principles.

That being said, I will make this observation.  When I was a teenager I was
eating to maximize athletic performance (cross country) and to some extent
to spare as many beasts as practical.  From a health standpoint I
experimented much.  My intuition from that was that it matters less what one
eats than how much one eats.  I figured at the time to just hold to
moderation and balance, keep the total calories such that I look like...
well... like we do.  {8^D  Seems to have worked.  The rest of my family all
have diabetes, I don't.  I don't push my luck: I can easily imagine
developing it.

I can still do several pull ups at age 50, and I can still run like the
wind.  Well, rather I should say, run like the breeze.  On a really calm
day.  Perhaps like a still and sultry, overcast day.  Ummm...  I can still
do pull ups.    



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