[ExI] Gout and meat adaptations

Harvey Newstrom mail at HarveyNewstrom.com
Thu Apr 21 11:57:12 UTC 2011

Max More wrote,
> I couldn't disagree more. Apparently haven't yet read "Good Calories, Bad
> Calories", so I don't understand why you make your "despite" comment here.

The book has not yet arrived.  I just sent off a previous posting saying
that I should get it sometime today.  

However, even before reading the book, the controversy is well-known in this
area.  Nobody can follow the field of nutrition for as long as I have and
not be familiar with this theory.  I have seen it presented, tested, and
debunked over and over.  It makes a fine hypothesis that should be tested.
But all tests I have seen have proven it wrong.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.  But I have kept an
open mind.  I have ordered the book and will read it myself to see if the
entire body of science is wrong, if the entire liberal media complex have
mislead me, and if somehow I missed experimental data in the field that
actually supports this hypothesis.  And as a scientist, I will be pleasantly
surprised if it does, and will gladly adapt my diet based on the new
evidence.  However, Bayesian statistics lead me to estimate a low
probability that this conspiracy-theory scenario will actually pan out to
be true.  Conspiracy theories seldom do.

> BTW, your previous comments about sugars being essential for
> energy contradict not only what I've read but  also my experience.

I doubt I advocated eating sugar.  Sugar is bad.  When I say "carbs", I mean
"complex carbohydrates", but paleos tend to hear "sugar".  (I did give an
example of a paleo's "low carb" diet of 20% calories from glucose equaling a
"high carb" diet of 80% fructose using the glycemic index.  But I was
arguing that the terms "low carb" and "high carb" were meaningless, not
advocating that one should really consume most calories from sugar.)

I have no doubt that you can get plenty of energy from fat.  But you have to
go into ketosis to do it.  And you risk an Atkins-style heart-attack.

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