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> I have no doubt that you can get plenty of energy from fat.  But you have to
> go into ketosis to do it.  And you risk an Atkins-style heart-attack.

My understanding is that Atkins had cardiomyopathy most likely due to
a viral infection.

"We have been treating this condition, cardiomyopathy, for almost two
years," said Patrick Fratellone, Atkins' personal physician and
cardiologist. "Clearly, his own nutritional protocols have left him,
at the age of 71, with an extraordinarily healthy cardiovascular

Dr. Clyde Yancy, a cardiologist at the University of Texas
Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and a member of the American
Heart Association's national board of directors, said: "Despite the
obvious irony, I believe there is a total disconnect between the
cardiac arrest and the health approach he (Atkins) popularizes."

So I don't take Atkin's death as indicating a risk for me --
especially when my blood fat numbers look good.

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