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Jones Murphy morphy at alumni.caltech.edu
Tue Apr 26 08:44:45 UTC 2011

Unfortunately none of us will be around to see the results of
long-term whole-life human studies on Paleo 2.0 ad-lib versus
CRON(Calorie restriction with optimal nutrition) diets. The two are
not mutually exclusive, but I suspect reasonably strict(say 30% or
tougher) CRON of any kind(including PaleoCRON) will end up trumping
ad-lib Paleo.

On Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 9:13 PM, J. Stanton <js_exi at gnolls.org> wrote:
> Since Max has broached the subject again, I feel it's OK to note my
> detailed, comprehensive, and entertaining "paleo diet/exercise for
> beginners" guide:
> "Eat Like A Predator, Not Like Prey: Paleo In Six Easy Steps"
> http://www.gnolls.org/1141/eat-like-a-predator-not-like-prey-paleo-in-six-easy-steps-a-motivational-guide/
> Followed by Part I and Part II of the "Paleo Starter Kit":
> http://www.gnolls.org/1517/the-paleo-starter-kit-part-i-a-functional-paleo-kitchen/
> http://www.gnolls.org/1525/the-paleo-starter-kit-part-ii-the-paleo-scramble-a-basic-technique-for-real-world-cooking/
> The end of the article contains a list of science-based nutrition resources
> that I've found instrumental, most notably the following:
> Dr. Stephan Guyenet: http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com
> Chris Masterjohn: http://www.cholesterol-and-health.com/
> Dr. Kurt Harris: http://www.paleonu.com
> Like Max, I subscribe to the Neo-Paleo/Paleo 2.0 view that prizes science
> and research over re-enactment -- most eloquently expounded by people like
> Dr. Harris, who notes that most of healthy eating is avoiding what he calls
> "the Neolithic agents of disease":
> -Wheat and all gluten grains
> -Omega-6 fats and trans fats from seed oils (misnamed 'vegetable oil')
> -Fructose
> To add to Max's list of books, I would also note:
> -The Drs. Jaminet's "Perfect Health Diet", a heavily science-based approach
> to healthy eating which is basically high-fat paleo plus rice, and falls
> into the "Paleo 2.0/Neo-Paleo" category.  It's also much easier to sell to
> skeptical spouses as it's got a bunch of fruit and a yin-yang on the cover.
>  Their website is good reading too:
> http://perfecthealthdiet.com
> -Dr. Mary Enig's "Know Your Fats", if you're still scared of saturated fat
> or want to know the biochemistry
> -Both books titled "The Great Cholesterol Con": Dr. Kendrick's is much more
> professional and easy to read, but less comprehensive.  Anthony Colpo's is
> far more exhaustive, but tougher going and a bit amateurishly done.
> I will also note that I disagree with what Max appears to be saying about
> not eating starchy tubers: humans have many more copies of the AMY2
> (amylase) gene in their saliva than mostly-fructivorous chimpanzees, which
> makes no sense except for consuming root starches, and the evidence for root
> starch consumption from the Middle Paleolithic on (and possibly earlier) is
> very well established.
> And while I agree that meat is a better source of nutrients than (say) sweet
> potatoes, my experience, and that of most active athletes, is that
> VLC/zero-carb is a weight-loss tool or for people whose metabolisms are
> broken.  I can't keep weight on with VLC.  However, even at the high end, my
> carbohydrate consumption is very low compared to before.  (My opinion is
> that fructose is doing much more damage than glucose...otherwise you have a
> very hard time explaining the Kitavans and Okinawans.)
> Essentially I view Devany and Cordain as the "first wave" of paleo: they
> focus more on re-enactment than on the science, and Cordain in particular
> does some shaky data manipulation in order to 'prove' that all the
> differences between what he claims to be a Paleolithic diet and the modern
> diet are equally important.  Example:
> http://www.gnolls.org/715/when-the-conclusions-dont-match-the-data-even-loren-cordain-whiffs-it-sometimes-because-saturated-fat-is-most-definitely-paleo/
> Shortlink: http://www.gnolls.org/?p=715
> And his advice (which he has, to his credit, since recanted) to fry steaks
> in flaxseed oil is simply insane, as anyone with a lick of chemistry
> knowledge can tell you.  (Hello, oxidation and glycation! You're frying your
> steak in furniture varnish!)
> http://gnolls.org/1154/flaxseed-oil-for-the-greatest-shine-you-ever-tasted/
> Either diet is still far superior to the modern diet, and I give them (along
> with people like Dr. Wolfgang Lutz and Ray Audette) all credit for being
> pioneers.  Dr. Cordain has done some great and instrumental work.  However,
> I'm with Max as far as wanting to look forward, not backward.
> JS
> http://www.gnolls.org
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