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On 27 April 2011 11:17, Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> wrote:
>> I find it curious that you continuously dismiss terrestrial solar which
favoring pie-in-the-sky solar...

>...I am philosophically wary of ground-based solar power, even though it
may certainly make sense in some circumstances...--Stefano Vaj

Update on my friend's Oregon PV installation: the deal may have fallen
through, at least partially.  He had a contract with the local power
provider, which was required by Oregon state law to buy a certain percentage
of its power in the form of renewables.  This would have allowed my friend
to sell a few of his kWh at $.41, several more at $.31 per kWh.  Two days
before the contracts were to be signed, the law was overturned, allowing the
power company out of most of the requirement.

A few days ago, someone commented about environmentalists blocking attempts
at ground based solar.  Who was that?  Read on.

That portion of power my friend was planning to sell wasn't actually very
much, so that coming to an end in itself didn't kill the deal.  What he had
in mind was to lift water during peak sun and use a portion of his land as a
water capacitor, drop the water on that, then drain it onto his corn during
off-peak solar.  Last week he was notified that if he did that, the portion
of desert land he was to use as a water capacitor risked being declared a
wetland, and if so, it couldn't be drained.  If he can't get that risk
retired, the PVs will not go in.

To all recent posters, THANKS!  The last several days have had so much good
meaty stuff, it reminded me why I hang out here.


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