[ExI] Capitalism 2.0 was Status as human motivator

Jeff Davis jrd1415 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 06:32:56 UTC 2011

On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 2:22 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
> What of the long and ignoble history of thievery in the business of government?

Point exceedingly well taken. We need to rethink governance.  Hey, we
live in the computer age now, right?  So maybe be can use that to
enable a new form of governance, a step-up from the passe and
unworkable relic we call representative democracy one point oh..  What
say we try gladiatorial democracy  This is where the candidate
"representatives" are drafted by lottery or nomination, campaign
against having people vote for them, and the loser is the one  who has
to go to Washington (or wherever).  Then, at the end of his/her
tenure, he/she must defend their job performance in gladiatorial
combat as part of the super bowl half-time show.  That might inspire a
return to integrity in government.

Gaddafi caused to be formed a Libyan central bank that issues it's own
currency (I'm no economist, but  there's said to be some benefit in
that) and reportedly makes interest free loans (in accordance with
Islamic law which prohibits loaning money at interest).  Of course,
Libya has just gobs of the best oil there is beneath its giant sand
pile, so the Libyan currency would be robustly supported, "hard" even.
 Don't you wish we could find someone like Gaddafi to be our Dictator?

Wait a minute!  Isn't there some sort of kerfuffle goin' on over
there?  The silly Libyans are tired of green,...or something. Could it
be the "G"  man is looking for a new job, a step up, a challenge to
match his genius?  Oh the timing is sweet.  Are we lucky or what.
Utopia here we come.  What shall we call it?  No wait, I have it: the
American Jamahiriya.

[Now you see why I want to build a starship and leave the planet.
Being trapped at the bottom of a gravity well with lawyers,
politicians, birthers, truthers, armaments manufacturers, and
investment bankers,  is a shit sandwich without the bread.]

> Nationalizing the banking system will not help.  Rather it would make a bad problem worse, much worse.

"We're doomed! We're all doomed!"

Best, Jeff Davis

    "I thought I was taller."*
                    Milton Berle

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        take a puff, but instead jabs his forehead
            with the chewed-on end.  And says,...

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