[ExI] How slow is capitalism?

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Fri Apr 29 13:26:20 UTC 2011

Il 29/04/2011 05:51, Jones Murphy ha scritto:
> The aggregate wealth in oil-rich Libya is much smaller than that of,
>  for example, tiny Singapore, which has a smaller population and no 
> oil.

I would suggest you to check your factoids because they are not facts:

Libya 6.120.585 inhabitants (2008) 14.192 $ (per capita 2007)
Singapore 4.987.600 (2006) 46.863 $ (per capita 2006)
So, the difference of population of Singapore from Lybia is small, and
given the difference in fecundity, it is not improbable that until 2000
Singapore had more people.

I would suggest also, you note the difference in the quality of people
(Chinese against Berber, Arabs and black Africans) and the quality of
their culture (Confucianism against tribalism and Islam).

Second, I never told Gaddafi made Libya wealthier than.
I only note that with the wealth available (from oil) Gaddafi saved
money for the rainy days (so he has a large surplus of money outside the
country and a large stash of gold inside). At the contrary, the UK and
France (nevermind Italy, Greece, US or Japan) have a large  debt and a
large deficits. This with better population (higher IQ), more hard
working and more educated.

> What you are saying is just completely false, about Gaddafi building 
> up real wealth in Libya.

The 14 k $ per capita of Libya are better than the 6384 $ of Egypt, the
3851$ of Tunisia, or compare with the 16.000 of Saudi Arabia. Only the
little emirates in the Gulf have higher incomes.

> Poverty and frustration are big motivators for the violent
> opposition which has exploded against Gaddafi and similar dictators
> across the Arab world.

Poverty and economic crises are the sparks, but don't be fooled.
in Tunisia the Army govern and the Army toppled the previous president.
They only needed an excuse and a way to let the steam out. And their
action is strongly supported by some countries (like France) for
geostrategic advantages.

The past weeks are full of lies: like the number of people killed by
Gaddafi soldiers. Al Jazeera showed up footage of a cemetery renovation
and called them "mass graves on the beach of Tripoli". What mass graves
are digged one by one with brick walls inside?

It is no different from the coup in Romania that toppled Chaucescu. Some
people saw the falling of the other regimes and prepared for their own
future. Then they staged a coup and masked it as a "people
insurrection". They also showed footage of the killings in Timisoara
where the bodies showed clear sign of decay (no fresh killing) for the
trained eyes. At the time I fell for the trick, emotion taken over
rationality and scepticism. Only years later I read and understood what
was the reality and what was the show for simpleton (myself included) .

> Western politicians certainly can be extremely corrupt, e.g. Italy's
> Berlusconi. Yet despite being exceptionally corrupt compared to most
> Western leaders, Berlusconi owns a far smaller proportion of his 
> country's wealth than Gaddafi does and is in continuous danger of 
> criminal prosecution. The only thing which has saved Berlusconi from
> prison is the racism of Italian voters, who support his repetition 
> of Fascist harassment of Gypsies and so on. So how do you get to the
> conclusion that Western politicians are never satisfied with their 
> personal greed?

I agree with the suggestion of Stefano that you avoid to take your infos
from MSM like "La Repubblica", "Il Fatto Quotidiano", "Il Manifesto" and

I voted for Berlusconi and I have nothing against Romas (Rom or Sinti)
"per se". When a group of the camp in a field (their own property) near
my home, by the way, the burglaries in the neighbours fall like a brick
(this is a not scientific and only empirical observation). The reasons
for this I don't know for sure, but I have a few hypotheses.
This also raise a few "public good for free from private" questions.

What the great majority of people here don't accept is to be burglarized
or robbed by other people, whatever their skin pigmentation, their
religion or their culture is.
If the government are unwilling or impotent to prevent this, prevent
people from defending themselves in their homes or workplaces, then it
is lame to complain the people harassed react in violent way.

A few years ago in Padua (the major is a leftist) 200 immigrants (half
black Africans, half north Africans), mainly illegals, tried to clash
together armed with axes and machetes (they were prevented from a little
group of Policemen from coming in contact) for the control of drug
IS it fascist for the peaceful people living nearby (legal immigrants
too) to ask for kicking them out altogether immediately?
The leftist major also built a steel wall around the neighbourhood to
allow only one access to the place (near a main street and a commercial
center). The honest working people living there was forced to sell their
homes at 10% of their previous value and flee the place for the sake of
their children and families. Ten years or more thrown away for every one
of them. It is so strange they start voting for the Lega Nord or worse.
Because there is much worse hoping and waiting in the wings.


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