[ExI] How slow is capitalism?

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Fri Apr 29 16:05:05 UTC 2011

Il 29/04/2011 15:46, Jones Murphy ha scritto:
> You said that my facts are not facts, then documented my facts.
> According to your old numbers, Libya's population is 20% greater than
> Singapore's. This difference has grown today. How does this in any way
> contradict what I said?

You said Singapore have/had a much smaller population than Libya. It is
false. The reverse was true until a few years ago.

> What is this racist nonsense about high quality Chinese?
> The high
> quality Chinese of Singapore were as poor as the Libyans or poorer 2
> generations ago before Malaysia kicked them out and forced them to
> accept independence by closing the causeway.

I always know this in the reverse.
Singapore obtained independence so the Malay had the majority of the
population in Malaysia and the Chinese in Singapore.

By the way, the "quality" of people is determinate by the people asking
them to work. For example, Chinese enterprises working in Algeria bring
their entire workforce with them. They rarely use local workforce. Could
this be linked to their productivity?

The same is true for businessmen opening factories in China. They
started in China before they started in the Middle East. Usually the
order of investment is from the most rewarding to the least rewarding.
And the manpower quality is surely a factor (but not the only one).

For what I know, a little, factory owner in North Africa prefer a female
workforce when possible, because the males are slackers. IQ, culture,
whatever. Don't matter. At the end they are less productive than Chinese.

In Europe, for example, the number of Chinese supported by the welfare
is small (I really never heard of one), where the number of Middle
Eastern is disproportionated to their effective number.

Do you think Italians or Europeans are racists with Middle Easterns,
Roma or Africans but not with Chinese and East Asians?

> The high quality Chinese
> begged to remain within Malaysia at that time. The development of
> Singapore has been extremely recent. Perhaps they evolved improved
> IQ's in the last 2 generations? And what of the overwhelming majority
> of "high quality" Chinese, who live in terrible poverty in China(worse
> than Libya's "low quallity" and "Low IQ" people), more than the
> population of the entire Western world?

My opinion is that tiny Singapore leadership was short of any easy
choices (natural resources and likes) and, being smart, settled for the
hard but rewarding.

In the not so long run it made much more sense.

> Singapore's development came from some good public policy choices, a
> very socialistic period in the first generation after independence,
> great education and upward mobility for talented poor people, and that
> sort of thing. Confucianism helped them as much as it is helping the
> billion plus poor majority in China itself and in the Greater Chinese
> diaspora which includes a lot of poverty among emigrants of Chinese
> descent around Asia.

I talked about culture, also.
If you are a Muslim inside a tribe in Libya, it is difficult you have a
Confucian or Calvinistic work ethic. If you have, you are a misfit.


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