[ExI] The "Transcendent Man Live" presentation, and where it succeeded and failed

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Thu Aug 4 14:02:09 UTC 2011

   Thanks John. Great post but on a personal level, Alex Lightman's  
opinion is not one that I value.

   Quoting John Grigg <possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com>:

> I had only done a cursory glance at the "Transcendent Man Live" advertising
> (by Kurzweil and also Fathom) when I went to see it.  At the box office, I
> was told the ticket price was $15.00.  I was offended that something I had
> already seen online (the Transcendent Man documentary) was so expensive
> (rising movie ticket prices is a big pet peeve of mine).  I had thought the
> August 3rd presentation was the documentary with maybe 15-30 minutes of
> live panel talk tacked on at the end.  And so I turned around and went home.
> But when I went onto FB and read postings by friends, I realized my mistake!
> lol  And unfortunately, it seems that attendance rates were dismally low
> across the nation.  I tend to think the advertising which had the
> words "Transcendent Man" in large print, confused not just me, but many
> people, into making them think the live show was essentially the
> documentary! Argh!!!
> Alex Lightman did a review of the show on his FB page, that gave it a
> positive, but somewhat mixed report.  He was very impressed by Kurzweil and
> Kamen (especially Kamen's inventions that could solve the third world's
> terrible need for clean water and energy), but felt Wozniak was out of date
> with current tech, and that Kaku (despite in some ways doing
> quite well) sounded like he was quoting from his "Physics from the Future"
> book.  Kaku was actually corrected by Kurzweil about the second law of
> thermodynamics, and later revealed himself to have a simplistic and
> inaccurate view of the science behind longevity research.  Lightman also
> felt that Tam Le, Quincy Jones, and also the panel host were all out
> of their league there, and that Deepak Chopra was a gloom and doomer who
> wanted to be the center of attention, and should have had his sound
> connection turned off...
> I realize this event will in time be available on DVD (I've heard that it
> will be out within a mere thirty days), but I wish I had gotten to see it on
> the big screen, and with other people who enjoy the same things I do.  I
> asked the theater manager how many tickets had been sold for it, and he told
> me thirty.  I wonder if anyone there was someone I would have known...
> Damn!  Anyway, I hope every five or ten years that Kurzweil does an event
> like this one.  It would be a cool way for him to explain/expound on how his
> predictions are coming along.
> John Grigg

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