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John wrote:

>>I agree that its important to know the difference between to, too and 
>>two, but in general this grammar Gestapo is full of shit...

>I *will* judge people (and I'm far from alone) whose non-standard usage
seems based on ignorance. I will probably not hire them...

Shouldn't it be "I probably will not hire them..."  ?

>...But then, I'm someone who can't turn a page with a tyspo unless I
carefully correct it (with an acid-free archival pen), even in a library



I have made an obsessive hobby of finding errors in books.  There is one
which is remarkably clean: Hofstadter's Godel Escher Bach: An Eternal Golden

>...Yes, he's not talking about this. He's talking about the ersatz nonsense
that was invented...-- David.

Language forms such an interesting playground.  I have entertained myself
endlessly with it's wackiness.


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