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Stand tall, me lads and lasses of Extropia!


We are going to break out of the funk we have been in  for the last couple
years, and this is our crowbar: Stanford is trying an interesting experiment
whereby they are offering an interesting course completely online, no cost,
just sign up and study like you were back in college:


N> &utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=5feb6d8d6b-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN


You can take online quizzes and tests, measure your progress, all the stuff
we used to do so tragically many years ago.  Let's get with it, a bunch of
us take this, and liven the discussion here beyond the subtle shades of
meaning between twin words.


Who is with me?





Ps Whoever it is putting together Singularity Hub, THANK YOU, and double
plus THANK YOU!  You guys are on it!  Your stuff is EXCELLENT!  Keith
Kleiner?  Aaron Saenz?  Why the heck are you guys not hanging out on
ExI-chat?  We will drop the wordplay!  For a while anyway.  {8^D  Anyone
here friends with Keith and Aaron?  Do invite them.  s

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