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G. Livick glivick at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 20 04:55:45 UTC 2011

I am the 110701th student signed up.  This is no lightweight class, this 
is the real one.  The clips describing the class said to expect to 
dedicate around 10 hours per weekly session to study.

Sebastian Thrun, one of the organizers and instructors of this class, 
was the principle investigator who, with his student team, came in first 
place in the DARPA Grand Challenge (desert), and second place in the 
Urban Challenge.

See you in class, Spike!


On 8/19/2011 8:14 PM, spike wrote
> Who is with me?
> spike
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> >...I suspect I already know all there is to know on this subject, but 
> I'll log in just to see if anything has changed since my last major 
> breakthrough :-).  It will be interesting to observe if this class 
> takes us outside the world of sensor fusion and fuzzy algorithms.  
> Maybe a new feature will be introduced, something like 
> human-like_abstraction.h.
> >...Thanks for the referral, Spike!
> Actually the AI is only part of what I find interesting.  If 
> universities start doing this, it shatters the entire traditional 
> paradigm of learning that is thousands of years old.  This goes beyond 
> the Learning Company products, which are quite good, but those are 
> just traditional lectures someone recorded and offered for sale.  This 
> is good, but the Stanford AI class goes beyond it.  They offer 
> evaluation of quizzes and tests, some limited interaction of sorts, a 
> means to track your progress.  The instructors are world class.  So 
> now it makes it clear that if you pay the substantial fee to enroll at 
> Stanford, all you are actually buying are the credentials.  The actual 
> knowledge is being given away free, but you pay dearly if you want an 
> actual piece of paper that says you know the material.  Fascinating.
> spike
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