[ExI] Twin words

spike spike66 at att.net
Thu Aug 25 19:52:48 UTC 2011

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Subject: [ExI] Twin words

>...After the whole effect/affect thread, spike proposed we find and list
what he called "twin words" that sound similar or are spelled similarly with
similar but different meaning.  It's been on my mind like a background task.
I feel like this search is the verbal equivalent of Mersenne Primes...

Excellent analogy.

>...querulous / quarrelous  (i like these for being uncommon words)
insure/ensure (still used incorrectly despite being common enough words)
moot / mute (also frequently mangled in usage) waft / whiffed (great
relationship between these) haft / heft (the handle has weight) internment /
interment (you could be freed, the other is permanent aside from the Zombie
Apocalypse) inter / enter (going into:  the ground or more generally) marque
/ mark (is the "brand" derivative of the "indicator"? ) maze / maize ( only
applicable as a twin word because labyrinth are often made in corn fields
before the harvest )... Mike

Mike is definitely the twin word champion.  The only one even in the class
of these example is the egregious immigration/emigration.  They sound alike,
but simultaneously are either synonyms or antonyms, since both mean moving,
but one is in and the other out.  Should be immigrant and negimmigrant.
Same with stalagmite and stalactite.  Unacceptable.


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